Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mary Warren stands up...

Looking back at lines 323-344 in Act Two, it appears obvious that Mary's defense of Elizabeth Proctor in court represents a change in the power dynamics among Mary, Elizabeth, and John Proctor:  

Mary Warren: They had Doctor Griggs examine her, and she’s full to the brim. 
And smokin’ a pipe all these years, and no husband either! But she’s safe, thank 
God, for they’ll not hurt the innocent child, But be that not a marvel? You must 
see it, sir, it’s God’s work we do. So I’ll be gone every day for some time. I’m - 
I am an official of the court, they say, and I - She has been edging toward 

Proctor:  I’ll official you! He strides to the mantel, takes down the whip hanging 

Mary Warren, terrified, but coming erect, striving for her authority:  I’ll not 
stand whipping any more! 

Elizabeth, hurriedly, as Proctor approaches:  Mary, promise now you’ll stay at 
home -

Mary Warren, backing from him, but keeping her erect posture, striving, 
striving for her way:  The Devil’s loose in Salem, Mr. Proctor; we must discover 
where he’s hiding! 

Proctor:  I’ll whip the Devil out of you! With whip raised he reaches out for her, 
and she streaks away and yells. 

Mary Warren, pointing at Elizabeth:  I saved her life today! 

Silence. His whip comes down. 

Elizabeth, softly:  I am accused? 

Mary Warren, quaking:  Somewhat mentioned. But I said 1 never see no sign 
you ever sent your spirit out to hurt no one, and seeing I do live so closely with 
you, they dismissed it. 

Elizabeth:  Who accused me?

Mary Warren:  I am bound by law, I cannot tell it.  To Proctor: I only hope you’ll not be so 
sarcastical no more. Four judges and the King’s deputy sat to dinner with us but an hour ago. I - 
I would have you speak civilly to me, from this out. 

Proctor, in horror, muttering in disgust at her:  Go to bed. 

Mary Warren, with a stamp of her foot:  I’ll not be ordered to bed no more, Mr. Proctor! I am 
eighteen and a woman, how-ever single! 

Proctor:  Do you wish to sit up? Then sit up. 

Mary Warren:  I wish to go to bed! 

Proctor, in anger:  Good night, then!  Mary Warren:  Good night. Dissatisfied, uncertain of herself, she goes out. Wide-eyed, both, Proctor and Elizabeth stand staring.  Elizabeth, quietly:  Oh, the noose, the noose is up!  

How is the situation in the Proctor household a microcosm of the social upheaval going on throughout the community?  

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